Thursday, March 8, 2012

George goes to War(Head)

My little George got some Extreme Sour WarHeads at a birthday party. Knowing his reaction would be pretty funny, I took video. Glad I did!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Easter (backtracking again...sorry)

Easter Sunday
I found some fabulous fabric in cute spring colors and decided to make coordinating dresses for my girls and Natalie Kate's best friend Brianne Schwendiman. They looked so sweet.

All four of my kids in their Easter attire. Good lookin' bunch, huh?

George, trying to escape . ( I caught him midair. Goofy kid!)

The Annual Easter Egg Hunt with Adam Mortensen

Last year we had an Easter egg hunt and George's buddy Adam came to join us. We decided to make it an annual occurence. The kids had a good time and got their fill of candy without us having to break the bank and buy Easter baskets.
Henry, grabbing eggs out of the tree
Natalie Kate, looking in the playhouse
George, grabbing an egg off the window
(I love Wonka Zero Gravity Eggs)
Adam, continuing his search
Claire, surveying the yard to find more.
(Turn around! There's a green one hanging on the sign!)
George with his big haul
Adam, wondering where all the eggs went

George, pulling Tootsie Pops out of the flower bed

Natalie doing the same

Saturday, May 29, 2010

It's Spring (almost Summer!) in Dixie! Woo! Hoo!

Back at the Spin Park, enjoying the wonderful weather before it disappears
Henry at the balancing swings

Natalie, trying her hand at the balancing swings
Henry & George ice-blocking

Henry & Natalie climbing the rock wall

George, hanging out

Henry rolling down the hill

Silly Claire Goofy George

Pretty lil' Natalie Kate

Funny Henry

My kids sliding down the grass hill on ice slabs

More ice-blocking. Woo! Hoo!

Happy Birthday from Darth George

Darth George sings Happy Birthday in his underpants

A Visit with Great Gramma Luce

In January we made the drive up to Salt Lake to visit with Great Gramma Maxine Luce. We hadn't seen her since her 95th Birthday Party in August. It was time for another visit! The kids love to visit her place. In the spring, the whole yard is in bloom with flowers of every kind.
And in the winter, there's SNOW! Knock knock! Coming in!

George, chillin' on the sofa with Dad and Great Gramma

Claire playing with gramma's toys

Group shot! Everybody smile!

There was plenty of snow for little Natalie!

Kindergarten Graduation!

The pictures are out of order but I couldn't get the top two pictures to go to the bottom to preserve proper order. (Duh.)
Walking thru the graduation arch in her super-cool Zoo Keeper dress
(heh heh) :)

My little graduate

April 27th was Kindergarten Graduation (even though they still had a month of school left!). Each child was assigned to a profession for their "When I Grow Up..." program. Claire was the Zoo Keeper, and a darn cute one at that!

This was the program opener, with her neighborhood buddies,

Josh Hardy (the farmer) and Drew Foster (the athlete).

I love this little song (even though I only got part of it).

Isn't she the sweetest little Zoo Keeper ever?! She brought some stuffed animals with her but forgot to take them up to the microphone with her. But clearly she is wearing a Zoo Keeper dress and hat. There's no mistaking who she is!

This was my Crybaby Moment. They were all so cute, all dressed up. They all did a great job! Mrs. Olson's managed to do a great job wrangling all these 5 and 6 year olds again this year. (She was Natalie and Henry's teacher as well.)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Claire's First Day of School

(OK OK, so I'm about three months late on getting this entry done,
but I'm a busy girl! Gimme a break!)

So... funny little Claire started Kindergarten! (Our friend Marjean had taken each of the kids on their very own school-shopping trip. Claire saw this little "school-girl dress" and simply HAD to have it. Marjean was kind enough to oblige.) She was so excited about kindergarten. I think a lot of that was rooted in the fact I wouldn't let her wear her new dress until school started. (She cried and cried at the Kindergarten Round-Up when the kids get to meet their teacher and familiarize themselves a bit with their classroom.
Cute, new clothes make all the difference in the world! Thanks, Marjean!
Standing in line, listening intently to Mrs. Olson

A moment of hesitance
Sandwiched in line between her two buddies Josh Hardy and Drew Foster